Welcome to KenpoTech.net

Purpose of KenpoTech.net

As you can see, the site is in its infancy.  Quite the newborn really.  One of the first things that will probably come to the minds of many as they stumble upon this site for the first time will most likely be what came to my mind when I first thought about it… “The last thing we need is another Kenpo site!”

To keep things short and simple, this project is *NOT* meant as an authoritative source of any kind. It is simply something that is being planned as a resource of American Kenpo and its offshoots for my family, friends and myself.  Ideally, I wish all of the information that has been gathered to be formatted in a fashion that is easily accessible, easily searched and useful.  I understand that being on a global medium like this, it is only a matter of time before others find it.  I can only hope that you find it useful as it grows and expands.

Consider it a personal reference if you will. Or in the spirit of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, consider it my personal Accumulative Journal.

The Site itself

I am still experimenting with the back end and tweaking things. As I experiment, the site will be pretty barren. As things get working the way I want them, the content will begin to flow more regularly. In addition, the site will become more dynamic and interactive.

Until I finish off the front page, you will find that the main page of the site is identical to the news/blog page of the site.  Naturally this will change and the homepage will become its own

Going Forward

As I mentioned, others will stumble upon this site. While this is my own little project for personal use, I am all about sharing knowledge.  Feel free to offer suggestions and tell me what you like or dislike about the site.  I make no promises and may not even agree, but if it is something that is beneficial, doable then I am all ears.