Just a little update

It has been quite a long time, but this venture has not been forgotten. After the new version of WordPress is released, I am going to start making some improvements to the back end of this site and get things updated to HTML5.  Once that is complete, the posting of information will resume.  I already have the next couple lined up.

Backend Cleanup & Up Next

I have been working on some of the underlying code and making some changes to the site to try and make it a better experience. One of the things I am changing as of this morning will affect some of the old short URLs from several months ago.  So if you happened to save an old link that suddenly doesn’t work, rest assured it is still there. The URL is just slightly changed.

I also rebuilt the top of the front page, so that it no longer simply displays just two techniques, but it will now display a random a random technique and a random form/set.

I still need to go back and clean up some of the tagging for the earlier posts in order to clean up the search process, I also need to figure a way to get the search process to organize the results by relevancy starting with title.

Snaking Talon will be the next post you see.  Normally I would go with 8 techniques followed by a set, then 8 techniques followed by the second set, then the final 8 techniques followed by the form.  I am going to get the first 12 techniques done first, then will probably do both blue belt sets back to back.  Of course this is all subject to change 🙂

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Winding Down & Picking Up

Things are finally starting to wind down a bit. I have a few more things to finish up and I should be able to get back to my normal posting pattern.

I apologize for the delays, but naturally since my job (which has nothing to do with Martial Arts) is what pays my bills and provides for my family that has comes first, after God & family of course).

Thrusting Wedge is almost done. If things are quiet today you should see it up tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for understanding and look for more updates soon.

Next few weeks

I just want to let those of you who are waiting for more curriculum that things will be slow for the next few weeks. I have a major audit coming up at work in the beginning of October that we are preparing for and then I have a sizable project the week after that.

I will continue posting as I get time but like I said things are painfully slow right now due to work. After all, that’s what pays the bills.  Rest assured that the site will not be abandoned and I will get everything posted. There is a ton of material to go up aside from just the Parker curriculum.

Blue Belt Is Next

Coming up next is Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Blue Belt Requirements.  Aside from the techniques we will now have Short Form 2, Striking Set 1 and Stance Set 1 and the final set of Freestyle Techniques.

I plan to post according to the way it was laid out in Infinite Insights Into Kenpo Volume 5 which is as follows:

  1. Techniques 1 through 7
  2. Short Form 2
  3. Techniques 8 through 14
  4. Striking Set 1
  5. Techniques 15 through 20
  6. Stance Set 1
  7. Techniques 21 through 24

This is subject to change depending on how long it takes on getting the form/sets finished. Sometimes they take a lot longer than expected to get out as writing them out gets to be a bit monotonous and the text starts bleeding together.

With that said and out of the way, Begging Hands should be done sometime within the next day.