Yellow Belt


  1. Delayed Sword
  2. Alternating Maces
  3. Sword of Destruction
  4. Deflecting Hammer
  5. Captured Twigs
  6. The Grasp of Death
  7. Checking the Storm
  8. Mace of Aggression
  9. Attacking Mace
  10. Sword and Hammer

Front right hand lapel grab
Front two-hand push
Front left straight or roundhouse punch
Front right front thrust kick
Rear bear hug with arms pinned
Left flank right arm headlock
Front right step-through overhead club strike
Front two hand lapel grab, pulling in
Front right step through straight punch
Right flank left hand shoulder grab



Freestyle Techniques





Categorical Breakdown

  • Grabs & Tackles
    • Delayed Sword
    • Mace of Aggression
    • Sword and Hammer
  • Pushes
    • Alternating Maces
  • Punches
    • Sword of Destruction
    • Attacking Mace

  • Hugs & Holds
    • Captured Twigs
  • Locks & Chokes
    • Grasp of Death
  • Weapons
    • Checking The Storm
  • Kicks
    • Deflecting Hammer

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3 Replies to “Yellow Belt”

  1. Since Mr. Parker did not include the freestyles in the belt minimums listed in IIIK V5, I don’t think you’ll find a school that teaches them as part of the belt curriculum. I’ve yet to find one myself. My own instructor doesn’t teach them, preferring the sparring techniques developed by Joe Lewis instead.

    1. Excellent point TK, you are 100% correct that they were not listed in IIIK v5 as part of the Web of Knowledge. They are however discussed in IIIKv5, Chapter 9. The requirements for Yellow through Purple are also listed there on the following pages; 207 (Yellow), 212 (Orange) & 221 (Purple). Interestingly the Blue Belt Freestyle Requirements are not listed there nor are any of the basics required for each belt level.

      Now despite everything not being included in IIIKv5, it should be pointed out that everything, including required basics per belt level are listed in official school materials such as the Accumulative Journal, IKKA Student Workbooks, IKKA Studio Manuals and were in fact part of the curriculum.

      1. hello,

        I like the freestyle techniques I taught them to myself from the IKKA manuals that were out in about 98-2002, however I wasn’t tested on them and I know only a few teachers who require them. I think learning them is more important than memorizing them.

        Yours in Kenpo,

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