Purple Belt is Complete

The subject line pretty much says it all.  I am finally finished posting all of the  techniques, forms and sets required to obtain your purple belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo.  During the course of posting the requirements for this belt level, the amount of people following the site has grown dramatically.  I went from a handful of unique … [Read more...]

Technique Format Changes

As I was writing up Darting Mace (Purple #14), I decided to alter the format and rearrange some of the sections in Technique posts.  I think the newer layout is a bit easier on the eyes and has a better flow in that you get the attack, defense, notes and variations in one section then "Additional Information" contains the remainder of the … [Read more...]

The Grasp of Death Updated

When putting up The Grasp of Death, I erroneously put in Captured Twigs instead for the 1975 Accumulative Journal version.  I have corrected this and the 1975 Accumulative Journal version of the Grasp of Death is now correct. … [Read more...]

Site Registrations Enabled

I have to apologize, I enabled the ability for comments but failed to enable registrations so people could actually comment. This may have caused some confusion and I apologize to those who attempted to leave a comment but was unable to do so. Site Registrations are now enabled, I am requiring that people be logged in to comment in an effort to … [Read more...]

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Orange Belt is Complete

The title says it all.  The orange belt requirements for Ed Parker's American Kenpo are now complete.  It was a lot of work getting this posted and together but I feel it turned out fairly well. I have found some mistakes a long the way and made a few tweaks to the way I was posting information as I went along.  Before moving on to Purple Belt, … [Read more...]