Hump day for Orange Belt

Finally!  The halfway point for the Orange Belt requirements has arrived.  I guess you could say this is the orange belt hump day.  So far 1 form and 12 techniques have been posted.  All that is left is kicking set #1 and 12 more techniques.  In case you haven't noticed, I have been posting them in the order their were meant to be learned according … [Read more...]

Menu Changes & Older Docs

Over the next few days, I am going to be updating the menu structure.  There is some redundancy starting to form and some information being spread around instead of in one easily traversed location.  I would like to take care of little things like this as they crop up instead of later when they become too widespread and unbearable. As always, I … [Read more...]

Yellow Belt Complete

Finally! Yellow Belt is complete.  I believe I have everything down and I am sure I missed something somewhere. If anyone has any questions, comment or knows a different version please leave a comment and share.  If you know the source of your variation let me know and it may be added. So what's next?  Next I will move on to Orange Belt of … [Read more...]

Delayed Sword Updated & More

The technique page for Delayed Sword has been updated to the level of detail I hope to provide throughout the KenpoTech site.  I am in the process of putting together all of the information for the rest of the Yellow Belt Requirements which I had already posted and as I finish them up, the rest of the requirements will be coming along. I also … [Read more...]

Ed Parker’s Yellow Belt

I have everything the way I would like it for the most part. Before I continue going forward I am going to clean up the yellow belt material and add more detailed information now. Once I clean these up so they are accurate and contain what I would like them to contain, I will move forward with either Orange Belt or Tracy's Yellow Belt. … [Read more...]