Technique Format Changes

As I was writing up Darting Mace (Purple #14), I decided to alter the format and rearrange some of the sections in Technique posts.  I think the newer layout is a bit easier on the eyes and has a better flow in that you get the attack, defense, notes and variations in one section then "Additional Information" contains the remainder of the … [Read more...]

The Grasp of Death Updated

When putting up The Grasp of Death, I erroneously put in Captured Twigs instead for the 1975 Accumulative Journal version.  I have corrected this and the 1975 Accumulative Journal version of the Grasp of Death is now correct. … [Read more...]

Site Registrations Enabled

I have to apologize, I enabled the ability for comments but failed to enable registrations so people could actually comment. This may have caused some confusion and I apologize to those who attempted to leave a comment but was unable to do so. Site Registrations are now enabled, I am requiring that people be logged in to comment in an effort to … [Read more...]

Ed Parker American Kenpo Yellow Belt

All of the techniques required for yellow belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo have been posted.  I just threw these up quickly and did not provide all of the details I intend to provide nor did I double check it for clarification. I just need to have a bulk of information to finish tweaking out the templating for the the site. I plan on doing the … [Read more...]

Updates Complete

The back end updates I was doing are now complete. I am currently in the process of reorganizing the information I have posted thus far which were the entire Ed Parker's American Kenpo curriculum and the entire Tracy's Kenpo Karate curriculum. Once I have them in their proper places, I will finish some basic tweaks and then start uploading … [Read more...]