Repeating Mace (EPAK Orange #14)

Technique: Repeating Mace
Attack: Front Left Hand Push
Attack Direction: 12:00
Web of Knowledge: Pushes
Family Group: Pushes
Official (24 Tech) Location: Orange #14
32 Tech Location: Orange #22
16 Tech Location: Orange #13
Form Locations: Not found in forms
Related Tracy Technique: Leveling The Clouds

Repeating Mace is the 14th technique required to obtain your Orange Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. It is part of the Pushes category in the Web of Knowledge as well as the Pushes family group in the striking division of Family Groups.

Repeating Mace emphasizes moving up the circle against an advancing opponent enabling you to get out of the Line of Attack without the need of a solid block. You will also gain a clear use of reverse motion and maximizing the effect of your strike with complementary angles.


Repeating Mace – defense for a left hand step through push.

  • Step 1
    • Step toward 4:30 with your left foot to form a right neutral bow stance,
    • Deliver a left outward hooking parry (palm up) to your opponent’s left elbow,
    • Execute a right inward horizontal hammerfist strike to your opponent’s left kidney.
  • Step 2
    • Deliver a right outward back knuckle strike to your opponent’s left rib cage.
  • Step 3
    • Deliver a right inward downward diagonal roundhouse kick to the back of your opponent’s left knee.
  • Step 4
    • Right front crossover and cover out toward 4:30.

Additional Information


With the term mace representing the fist, the name Repeating Mace comes from your repeating the attack with your right fist (mace) immediately after the first.


The ideal phase puts your attacker directly in front of you (12:00). Your attacker then steps forward with his left foot as he attempts to push you with his left hand towards the center of your chest.

Basics & Maneuvers Used

  • Left Reverse Step Through
  • Left Outward Hooking Parry
  • Right Inward Horizontal Raking Hammerfist Strike
  • Right Neutral Bow Stance
  • Right Outward Back Knuckle Strike
  • Right Inward Downward Diagonal Roundhouse Kick
  • Right Front Crossover
  • Cover Out


  • Left Elbow
  • Left Kidney
  • Left Rib Cage
  • Back of the Left Knee

Concepts & Principles Taught

  • Angle of Cancellation
  • Angle of Deflection
  • Angle of Deviation
  • Angle of Execution
  • Complementary Angle
  • Detaining Check
  • Pivot
  • Rebounding Strike
  • Reverse Motion
  • Torque
  • Upside of the Circle
  • Upside of Movement


  • What if …
    • your opponent delivers a right hand step through push instead?
    • your opponent pushes with two hands?
    • your opponent does not step through?
    • your opponent throws a left punch instead of a left push?

Related Techniques

Historical Notes

  • In the 1975 Accumulative Journal, Repeating Mace was Orange Belt technique #22
  • The 1975 Accumulative Journal has you step toward 5:00 on the initial move.
  • The 1975 Accumulative Journal indicates a 4:00 Angle of Departure

Historical Versions

1975 Accumulative Journal

REPEATING MACE (front left hand push)

  1. Standing naturally with feet together, have your left foot slide back to 5 o’clock into a right neutral bow. Simultaneously have your left hand hook (left palm is up) outside of opponent’s left wrist as you deliver a right inward raking hammerfist to opponent’s left kidney and a right back knuckle to opponent’s left ribcage as you settle.
  2. Immediately shift your weight on to your left leg and deliver a right looping downward roundhouse kick (utilizing the right instep) to compliment the angle of the thigh and strike the top of opponent’s left calf in back of the knee.
  3. Right front crossover and cover out to 4 o’clock.

Unfinished Orange Belt Manual by Ed Parker

REPEATING MACE (Front step through lunging left hand push)

  1. Standing naturally, Simultaneously have (1) your left foot slide back toward 4:30 into a right neutral bow (facing 12:00), (2) your left hand hook (left palm is up like a waiter carrying a tray) on top and to the outside of your opponent’s left elbow, and (3) deliver a right inward raking hammerfist to your opponent’s left kidney.
  2. Without stopping the flow of your action loop a right outward back knuckle strike to your opponent’s left ribcage (as you settle into your right neutral bow stance). (The effect of these two strikes is to first have your opponent’s midsection move forward and turn clockwise to his right. The second strike should turn him counterclockwise and force him to bend over at the waist.)
  3. Immediately shift your weight onto your left leg and deliver a right downward looping roundhouse kick (utilizing your right instep) to complement the angle of your opponent’s left thigh and strike the top of his left calf from the back of his knee. (This action should buckle his left knee, and force him on his knees.)
  4. From the Point of Contact of your right kick, execute a right front crossover, covering out toward 4:30.



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