Evading the Storm (EPAK Purple #7)

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Evading the Storm is the 7th required technique to obtain your Purple belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. Evading the Storm is a defense against a right step-through overhead club attack from the front, placing it in the Weapons category of the Web of Knowledge as well as the Stick Family Group in the Weapons category of the family groups Striking division.

The theme of this technique is similar to that of Checking the Storm in that your initial response is to move off the line of attack, however unlike Checking the Storm it is assumed in the ideal phase that you are unable to step to the right making this an effective backup technique for Checking the Storm.


Evading the Storm – defense for a front overhead club strike.

  • Step 1
    • Step toward 9:00 with your left foot to form a left forward bow stance toward 9:00 (right reverse bow stance toward your opponent),
    • Deliver a right extended outward block to the outside of your opponent’s right arm,
    • Left hand covers low.
  • Step 2
    • Your right hand grabs your opponent’s right wrist.
    • Deliver a right inward horizontal roundhouse kick to your opponent’s groin.
  • Step 3
    • Plant your right foot toward 1:30 into a right neutral bow stance,
    • Pull your opponent’s right arm down past your hip
    • Pivot clockwise to form a right forward bow stance facing 1:30.
    • Deliver a left thrusting horizontal punch to your opponent’s right kidney.
  • Step 4
    • Deliver a left thrusting knee kick to the outside of your opponent’s right thigh.
  • Step 5* (official variation below)
    • Plant your left foot forward toward 3:00 into a left front twist stance,
    • Deliver a right roundhouse knee strike to the inside of your opponent’s right thigh.
  • Step 6
    • Right front crossover and cover out toward 9:00.

Additional Information


The term “Storm” in American Kenpo is a symbolic reference to a club attack. In this technique you are evading the initial action of the storm by stepping out of the path of the storm (club). Thus the name Evading the Storm.


In the ideal phase your opponent is directly in front of you (12:00) in a left neutral bow stance. Your opponent steps forward with his right foot and strikes downward toward your head or shoulder with a right overhead club attack.

A club attack, or any type of weapon attack for that matter, is one of the most dangerous of the single person attacks.  A weapon, in particular a stick, puts a long range weapon into the hands of your opponent that is life threatening. The longer range allows your opponent to attack you while staying comfortably out of your reach.  In order to effectively counter attack you must be within range.  It is vital that you stay alert, stay focused and understand that basic concepts and principles that will ensure your safety.

What If Factors

  • your opponent steps forward with his left foot?
  • your opponent does not step through?
  • your opponent varies his angle of attack and strikes with a right backhand club attack?
  • your opponent attacks from the right side?
  • you are unable to step to the left
  • you are being held from behind in a bear hug with your arms free?
  • you are being held from behind in a bear hug with your arms pinned?

Basics & Maneuvers

  • Left Side Step Through
  • Left Forward Bow Stance
  • Right Extended Outward Block
  • Right Front Roundhouse Kick
  • Right Neutral Bow Stance
  • Left Horizontal Thrust Punch
  • Left Forward Knee Strike
  • Right Roundhouse Knee Strike


  • Outside Right Arm
  • Right Wrist
  • Groin
  • Right Kidney
  • Right Outer Thigh
  • Right Inner Thigh or Right Ankle

Concepts & Principles

  • Anchoring
  • Angle of Cancellation
  • Angle of Deflection
  • Angle of Deviation
  • Contouring
  • Directional Harmony
  • Back up Mass
  • Body Alignment
  • Body Momentum
  • Gauging
  • Line of Attack
  • Marriage of Gravity
  • Path of Action
  • Pivoting
  • Point of Origin
  • Stabilize Your Base
  • Torque

Related Techniques

  • Attacking Mace (Y-9)
  • Obstructing the Storm (P-19)
  • Menacing Twirl (G-8)
  • Capturing the Storm (G-14)

Historical Notes

  • In the 1975 Accumulative Journal, Evading the Storm was Purple Belt Technique #2.
  • The 1975 Accumulative Journal indicated planting toward 1:00 after the right front roundhouse kick to the groin.

Historical Versions

1975 Accumulative Journal

EVADING THE STORM (front right overhead club)

  1. Standing naturally with feet together, have your left foot move directly to your left (to 9 o’clock) into a left forward bow stance.
  2. As your right extended outward blocks and grabs outside of opponent’s right wrist, immediately deliver a right roundhouse kick to opponent’s groin. (Left hand checking at chest.)
  3. Plant your right foot (toward 1 o’clock) into a right neutral bow as your right hand pulls opponent’s right wrist down and past your right hip and your left hand punches to opponent’s right ribs. This is done as you pivot into a right forward bow.
  4. Deliver a left knee kick to outside of opponent’s right thigh.
  5. Plant your left foot forward (gauging your distance in the process) and deliver a right roundhouse knee kick to opponent’s inner right thigh.
  6. Another alternative after the left knee kick to the outside of your opponent’s right thigh, should your opponent buckle greatly, is to spring and pivot counter clockwise and drop (utilizing marriage of gravity) into a left close kneel thus breaking opponent’s right knee or ankle.



Official variation

  • Step 5 – If your opponent’s right leg buckles to the ground….
    • Plant your foot back toward 10:30 dropping into a left close kneel stance,
    • Deliver a right downward knee crush to the back of your opponent’s ankle or calf muscle
  • Step 6
    • Right front crossover and cover out toward 9:00.

Other Variations

  • The right roundhouse knee is sometimes taught as a right upward knee to your opponent’s abdomen, solar plexus of face, depending on the opponent’s position. In this variation it is essentially a chicken knee kick.