Sword and Hammer (EPAK Yellow #10)

Technique: Sword and Hammer
Attack: Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab
Attack Direction: 3:00
Web of Knowledge: Grabs & Tackles
Family Group: Grabs: Shoulder Grab
Official (24 Tech) Location: Yellow #10
32 Tech Location: Not found
16 Tech Location: Yellow #10
Form Locations: Not found in forms
Related Tracy Technique: Opponents At Sides

Sword & Hammer is the 10th and final technique required to obtain your Yellow Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. Sword and Hammer is a defense against a left hand shoulder grab from the right flank, placing it in the Grabs & Tackles category of the Web of Knowledge and the Shoulder & Lapel Grab Family group of the Grabs category in the Family Groups Grappling Division.

In this Sword and Hammer you will learn to cross check your opponent’s arms and legs as well as pinning simultaneously with a strike. Lastly in this attack you will move into the semi-unknown for the first time.


  • Step 1:
    • Pin the opponent’s left hand to your shoulder with your left hand.
    • Step toward 3:00 with your right foot to form a horse stance.
    • Deliver a right outward handsword strike to the opponent’s throat.
  • Step 2:
    • Finish with a right downward rear hammerfist strike to your opponent’s groin.
  • Step 3:
    • Cover toward 9:00.

Additional Information


The name, Sword and Hammer, derives from the weapons used in defense as well as the order they are deployed.  The first weapon you use is a handsword strike represented by the word Sword. This is immediately followed by a hammerfist strike thus the word Hammer


The Ideal phase has your opponent attacking you from your right flank (3:00) and they are grabbing your right shoulder with their left hand and their left arm is bent at the elbow.

With your attacker at 3:00 and their elbow bent, their arm will actually be coming from your right rear flank as an attacker putting his arm straight out to the side would be an unnatural position. Think of it more like someone coming up behind you and putting their arm around you, only instead they put their left hand on your shoulder instead of around your shoulders.

The use for this attack is usually to turn you around, pull you off balance or set you up for a sucker punch as it pulls you around opening up your face for the punch. That said, this type of grab isn’t always an aggressive move. The person putting their hand on your shoulder could be family, friend or coworker getting your attention or even someone catching you before you walk out into the street and get hit by a car.

It is therefore important that you build up your reaction to get the hand pinned and then use keen instinct and judgment to discern if the person grabbing your shoulder is friend or foe and what are their intentions. Remember attacks can come from people you normally consider a friend of family member so always confirm intention

Basics & Maneuvers Used

  • Right Side Step Through
  • Fighting Horse Stance
  • Right Outward Horizontal Handsword Strike
  • Right Downward Rear Hammerfist Strike


  • Left hand
  • Throat
  • Solar Plexus, Abdomen, Bladder, Groin

Concepts & Principles Taught

  • Borrowed Reach
  • Contouring
  • Cross Checking
  • Obscure Zone
  • Pinning
  • Settling
  • Torque


  • Situational – What if …
    • your opponent is slightly located to the rear of you?
    • your opponent is much taller than you?
    • your opponent is pulling you toward him?
    • your opponent is pulling towards him and attempts a right punch to the face?
    • your opponent is pushing you away from him?
    • your opponent blocks your handsword strike with his right hand?

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Historical Notes

  • The 1975 Accumulative Journal states that you should step off to 2:00 instead of 3:00
  • Neither the 1975 Accumulative Journal nor the 1987 Studio Manuals indicate an Angle of Departure

Historical Versions

1975 Accumulative Journal

SWORD AND HAMMER  (right flank – left hand shoulder grab)

  1. With feet together and opponent (standing at 3 O’clock) with his left hand grabbing your right shoulder, step off right to 2 O’clock into a horse stance, and immediately as your right foot plants, swing both your arms to the right, your left hand goes to your right shoulder to become a pinning check to his left hand, and your right hand becomes a right outward handsword strike to his adams-apple.
  2. As opponent reacts to the handsword strike and bends backward, execute a right downward and backward hammerfist strike to his groin.
  3. No cover out is required.

Unfinished Yellow Belt Manual by Ed Parker

SWORD AND HAMMER (right flank – left hand shoulder grab)

  1. While you are standing naturally (facing 12 o’clock), your opponent (standing between 3 and 4 o’clock) grabs your right shoulder with his left hand. Immediately and simultaneously (1) step off and to your right with your right foot toward 3 o’clock into a horse stance (with your head and eyes turned toward your opponent), (2) strike your opponent’s throat with a right outward handsword, and (3) pin your opponent’s left hand to your right shoulder with your left hand. (This action should cause your opponent’s head to move away from you.)
  2. As your opponent reacts to your handsword strike and bends backward, settle your body (by bending your knees) and with the help of gravitational marriage execute a right back hammerfist strike to your opponent’s groin. (Your opponent should then bend forward at the waist.)



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